Occasionally you would come across dealers on the Internet or elsewhere who claim to offer top prices for your collection than anyone else. This may not be true! There are no guarantees to such claims and it's possible you may not get the best value for your items. Consult various dealers and use your own judgement about how you would sell your collection. I am always interested in buying your:

- Transformers
- Japanese robots
- Anime (toys, cels, books, etc)
- AFA graded toys
- 3 3/4" GI Joes
- Other toy lines (please specify)
- Rare US coins or stamps
- Models (assembled, unassembled, Franklin Mint, etc)
- Blu-rays/DVDs
- Anything else that might interest me ;)

Please send me your list. If you would like to trade for something I have, e-mail me. I will consider your offer. We will negotiate a price before items are shipped. Send your item to The Transformers Association. Upon a quick inspection and approval, your item traded for will be sent to you.

Hint: Any customer that gives me useful ideas to use on my site, where to acquire new stock, refer me to new finds or collectors selling their collection, or other useful information I may not be aware of will get better discounts. This is not limited to Transformers, but also other toys-- even coins or stamps! The amount of discount will depend on how valuable the idea is, if I actually implement it, etc. So if you have an idea please share it!