Macross (aka. Robotech) -> Mikimoto 1984 Roman Album Special Book

These 86 quality glossy pages contain Haruhiko Mikimoto Illustrations. Originally released on 5/18/1984 with softcover and jacket, this book contains beautifully done water-color drawings of the finest "To Die For" pictures from Macross, Orguss, and Original Anime. Included in this book are:

Full-color illustrations of both watercolor and ink depicting Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter highlights of Lynn Minmay!

Macross: Hikaru, Love triangle of Hikaru, Minmay, and Misa, entire character set depicted/ arranged in deck of card fashion.

Orguss: Space girls of 1983 Vol II & III

Sketch book: Minmay, Misa

Anime Art Collections: Hikaru, Misa, Minmay pencil drawings

Explanation of actual illustrating team in Japan> artists galleries where it began, personal history, and studio sidenotes. (All in Japanese.)

Type: Glossy hard cardboard cover with Color Jacket overlay

Style: Brilliant Water-colors, sketches, and drawings.

Condition: Fine to Excellent (pages near mint), small tear on upper left corner of jacket