Macross (aka. Robotech) -> Macross Perfect Memory Book

1983 softcover book 258 pages. This book is in Japanese. 68 color pages summarizing all 36 Macross episodes. 146 pages of character, mecha, and background pictures. Everything from the visual story to the outer story to the character designs used for this series is shown within the pages of thisbook. The first 3 pages are of paintings depicting the SDF-1 and a huge HWR-00-MK II MONSTER tank with 4 huge cannons on top! The opening sequence to the Macross series is depicted with a set of 42 frames (fans will notice all the extra footage which was not used in the opening to the Robotech series). All 36 episodes from Episode 1 Bobby Trap to Episode 36 Yasashi Sayonara (in Robotech To the Stars) are displayed with a full color 46 frame depiction along with a summary. There is a 15 page interlude between Episode 27 Call to Arms and Episode 28 My Album which shows various details and events which occurred during the 2 year interval between the end of the massive war! E-mail me if you would like to know more detailed contents of this publication. Book is in great shape.